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A study in New American cuisine, Barrington’s was the first of Chef Bruce Moffett’s restaurants. Opening in 2000 in Foxcroft East in South Park and named for his hometown in Rhode Island, it quickly became a staple of the burgeoning community. Over the past two decades Barrington’s has used that reputation to take chances, putting a fresh spin on classics and serving them alongside refined traditional dishes.


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Sous Chef at Barrington’s, Jason Newman was born and raised in upstate New York. Jason started his culinary career in front of a pizza oven. While working on his dual degree in culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management, Jason honed his skills in a family-style Italian restaurant. Jason left the land of red sauce behind in search of warmer weather and landed in at Charlotte, where he worked his way from line cook to sous chef at Barrington’s, bringing hard work and talent to every meal, every day.

blue vintage illustration of a half-fish half-sweet potato
close-up of olive oil pouring into a pot of chopped radishes, orange peels, bay leaves, and thyme

We believe a shared meal creates family, and after two decades we've seen our share of both. With foundations in New American cuisine, Barrington’s menu is whatever it needs to be. From classic comfort food served up alongside fresh takes on traditional dishes, there’s something that tastes a little like home for everyone—whether it’s deconstructed sushi, tagliatelle, or fois gras.